We provide opportunities for our young women to get involved in their community, talk to other women about their goals, develop a sisterhood among others, and participate in fun activities. We offer mentorship to young women who may need a little extra push to bring out their God-given purpose. As Y.E.S. Women, we help our young women become leaders, further their education, and help those in need.

Seek young women with a desire to grow

We begin by identifying capable, humble, and impassioned young women.

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We believe in supporting other women by lending a helping hand and offering them opportunities for mentorship.

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Our goal is to inspire other women to get involved, pave for themselves a better lifestyle, and connect with others.

Provide mentorship and guidance

We equip our young women with knowledge shared by their peers and mentors. We believe in seeking growth among others and ourselves.

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A high opinion about yourself and who you aspire to become are often things that women often miss. By working from the inside out, we teach women to rebuild their self-image.

Create a lasting impact that will forever flourish

We help our young women to positively transform themselves into powerful individuals and convince them to conquer their purpose. We believe that the sky is the limit on what they can do.

“What you can believe, remember, you can achieve.” –Mary Kay Ash

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