Our Mission

Y.E.S. Women, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on uplifting young women, helping them to develop their purpose through mentorship, community service, and fellowship. Through our leaders, this organization raises donations for women shelters, education, and community programs. Our goal is to inspire and encourage all women to say Y.E.S. to being young, educated and sacred.

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As Y.E.S. Women, we celebrate our youth! Being young provides many opportunities to develop and enhance as young leaders.

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As Y.E.S. Women, we encourage our women to manifest education and develop a thirst for knowledge.

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As Y.E.S. Women, we encourage our women to honor themselves and remember their value. We want our women to see themselves as righteous women who deserve respect.


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We believe in enriching the lives of our young women through mentorship and community involvement.

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We teach young women the importance of service, embracing their youth, and living a sacred lifestyle.

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We support other women by servicing them in their needs through donations and volunteer work.

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We celebrate women leaders throughout the community by providing our organization as a platform for them to get involved.

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We achieve greater standards by paving the way for other young women to become leaders.

How can you help, right now?

By donating, you can support our initiative to help make a difference in our communities.

Also, consider signing up to stay informed on our service projects and fellowship opportunities.

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